GROWTH in a Pandemic

With our different Business Models, we have been able to grow and expand our businesses throughout the current COVID – 19 Pandemic. During the 2020 Fiscal year Boss’ Pizza discovered that our differing models provide the ability to not only survive but thrive in one of the most difficult times the food industry has seen. Our stores’ ability to not only serve food in-house but offer take-out and delivery have led to business growth not reduction. Following a year in which 100,000+ restaurants closed in the US Boss’ Pizza and Chicken is in the process of opening four new restaurants in 2021. We want to give you the opportunity to join our growing team and help us lead the restaurant industry in the new reality.

No Better Time to join our Team!

Boss’ Pizza and Chicken is a growing name in the Food Service Industry! With our multiple successful models, we give you several options to build the business you want to command. Your ability to not only have diners join you in-house, but also serve the entirety of your community through carry out and delivery will allow you to rapidly grow your business. We have a proven system for building a client base that you can serve day, night, and late night. No matter what your customer needs you will be able to provide it and we will help you!



Protected Franchise Territory

As a Franchise Owner you will have your own Protected Franchise Territory. Your territory will be well defined and protected for you. If the opportunity arises near your territory for a new franchise, and you are operating up to the Boss’ Pizza and Chicken Standards, you will be looped in and given first chance at the opportunity. We want each of our Franchises to be successful and to be able to take advantage of all growth opportunities.

We are a Team!

Here at Boss’ Pizza and Chicken we are a team! We are your team! We will train you and your team in the standards and high-level practices we have developed to build a successful business. We will provide support in helping you market your franchise and build your customer base. We have been doing this for a long time and have perfected the building of your customer base. Boss’ will partner with you and help you lead your franchise to profitability and growth.



Fast, Fresh, and Fantabulous



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