Frequently Asked Questions

Business ownership offers you the opportunity to take control of your career, finances, schedule, and future. You will be your own boss, work for yourself, and reap the rewards business ownership can offer. Which include making your own schedule and becoming financially independent.  Owning your own business can change your life in ways you never thought imaginable.  Boss’ makes franchise ownership incredibly affordable and has a ready-made menu with quality food that everyone enjoys, an infrastructure and programs that promote and monitor to ensure fantastic service, and a marketing program like no other franchise that makes your advertising expenditures incredibly efficient, which leads to owning a restaurant that consumers love, and you can be proud of along with providing a map to financial freedom.

The Franchise fee upon agreeing to and signing the franchise agreement documents comes to $30,000.  This fee gives you access to use Boss’ Brand, trademarks, recipes, and best practices.  This also includes up front training and help when you open to ensure everything is being done the Boss’ way.

The weekly Royalty Fee is 5% of your gross sales.

The initial training program for the Operating Principal and management personnel will take place of seven (7) days. The training includes classroom instruction and on-site training relating to Restaurant Operations, understanding the equipment usage and maintenance, customer service, marketing and sales programs and methods of controlling operating costs. Training adjustments are made based on the model you will be operating and are spelled out in our Franchise agreement.

Yes!  We have restrictions regarding how close stores can be to one another to protect each individual franchisee, but there is certainly opportunity to have multiple stores in one city or multiple cities.

The quick answer is no.  We love to have franchise owners that want this for their career, but one of the biggest goals for entrepreneurs is to be able to make money without being on the clock, so we have no mandatory work requirements for franchise owners.  However, if you the Franchisee does not manage the store, an operating principal must be appointed, and have at least a 5% ownership stake in the Franchise. Managing your quality and service is what is required of franchisees.  If you can put the right people in place to help you manage the business, we’re happy to provide the opportunity!

You can pick your own location, or we can help you find one that will suit your needs!